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Romance in Everyday Life

English: St. Lorenz Lutheran Church in Franken...

English: St. Lorenz Lutheran Church in Frankenmuth, Michigan, USA. My great-great grandfather was one of the settlers who founded this church, and I lived near St. Lorenz until we moved away when I was 7.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I’ve been reminiscing about how my parents met.  To an ultimate romantic like me, their common little life was a big romantic event.  Back in Michigan, my dad was a farmer who courted his honey, my mom, by driving into the city and picking her up for lunch where she worked.   They probably looked unusual to people in the bank – he with his work clothes on and my mom in her very sedate business attire.  This story speaks of people with very different occupations finding a common ground.   Awwww!

I am sure at the time they got married, they had no idea that they would not end up in Dad’s hometown  (and many, many years later, mom moving to Minnesota to be with her youngest daughter (me) and son-in-law).  Or that Dad would semi-retire and become a lumberjack AND a cherry farmer in Traverse City  (always the gardener, he made our home gardens beautiful and later added trees of apple, plum, peach and apricot to the cherry orchard across town, with a very good, high view of  West Bay).

Apparently, romance can happen when and where you least expect it – and one can never know for sure just where he or she will end up and what kind of life they will have.  Romantic!

I now turn the podium over to guest commentators with tales of romance about themselves or their family members.  🙂  You know how we on WordPress love stories!