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Miracle on a Rail

Sunday morning, while watering my flowers on the deck, I saw a miracle of nature.

After watering the flowers by the sliding glass door, I proceeded to the front of the deck where there are numerous pots of flowers. For only the second time in nine years did I see a bird or two on the railing (it is up high, above the garage). I guess the neighborhood birds know that the resident red tabby is no longer patrolling the area! Tiger would have really liked today…one of the two sparrows remained. As I quietly, slowly came closer so I could water the flowers, one of them stayed right where he was. He looked at me with his tiny beady eyes and didn’t even flinch. You just got up, I said to myself, so you are dreaming this. No bird has ever let you come this close before. He isn’t injured or anything…

As I moved onto the next pot, “Birdie” flew down to the deck floor and drank the spilled water on the wood planks underneath the blossoms. That gave me an idea…I poured some water on a nearby plank. Sure enough, Birdie hopped over and drank some more.

I went into the house to get a small, narrow saucer to give a makeshift birdbath to my new friend. But alas, when I came back, he was gone…bummer! I hope my friend comes back to visit, as I really enjoyed looking at this sparrow up close. His feathers were edged in white (sort of like my purple star-shaped petunias that are edged in white), and on the center of his back, he had some baby-bird-down. So I had befriended an almost-grown-up baby bird!

That is the narrative of the few minutes of fellowship Birdie and I seemed to have. A sweet time! Almost as if I had been in another world. 🙂