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Humanizing Wednesday: The Porch and the Clock

Temperatures in the Midwest

were finally turning cooler

the central air conditioning was turned off

Life couldn’t be greater


Mrs.  Craziwell

now read every day on her front porch

Porch was so pleased,

since Mrs. C had hidden inside from the heat

most of the summer


The grandfather clock in the front hall

was feeling the pleasant breezes

from the front door

His wood was getting dry and old

He was glad that Porch was nearby


“How do you do it?”  Clock called out to Porch.

“How do you remain cheerful

when people don’t come out and sit very much anymore?”


Porch answered,

“I just remind myself

that I can always be counted on

when people actually remember to come outside and relax.”


“How do YOU remain cheerful, Old Grandfather?”

Porch asked Clock.


“But I’m not cheerful,” Clock corrected his friend.

“You just can’t see my thoughts behind my face.

I am mad that people around here

let me wind down

and don’t wind me up again — for DAYS!”


Another example of things not being as they seem

was handed to Porch through all his time-worn, paintless planks.


“Oh, you’re feeling forgotten?” asked Porch.

“Yes, that’s right,” answered Clock.

“How can I keep my family on time

if they don’t remember to wind me every day?”


“I guess that’s out of your control,” said Porch.

“Maybe you just have to be glad for the times you are telling the correct time.”


“True,” Clock agreed,

shifting his weight so he only rested on

two legs instead of four.

“Hey – do you think you could wind me up, Porch?”


“Um, maybe you’ve never seen me,” came the reply,

“but I am big and bulky,  I have no hands and fingers

to do what you are asking me to.

But I can ask Squirrel to help you out!”


Clock eagerly began huffing and puffing,

moving slowly toward Porch

because he was a heavy grandfather clock

and too old to be waltzing lightly to the front door.


Once Clock got to the door,

he pushed against the screen door

so that Squirrel could come inside


It didn’t take Squirrel very long

to shimmy up Clock and retrieve the key

and then wind up the poor old clock


“Hey – maybe that’s what we can be happy about,” said Porch.

“We may not always feel needed, but we give darn good service

to others when they need us.

And you, Squirrel, thank you for coming to our aid today!”


“You’re welcome, guys,” Squirrel said.

For the first time, Porch and Clock saw each other.

Clock couldn’t wave at Porch because

his hands were needed to keep the right time

but Porch understood.

Squirrel looked from one to the other, transfixed.

And he let a bunch of flies into the house

but no one cared.