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Humanizing Wednesday: The Cat Who Could Cook

Cat food for sale at an Istanbul animal market

Cat food for sale at an Istanbul animal market (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Micah the cat

not generally a brat

put on a cook’s hat

and cooked for his sister.

He thought he was smart enough

because he watched his human mama

open cans of moist cat food

that smelled delish.


But he wanted to actually cook..

The delicacies his mama made for people

sent him scurrying to his favorite cat cookbook:

The Cat of Cooking.


Mama didn’t see all the proceedings

but a rare sight greeted her when she came home.

Micah had gotten into the refrigerator

and somehow got some pancake syrup in his hair.

When he made homemade pasta,

the flour went up his triangle nose

and some unused, cooked pasta

hung around his tail.


The smell of beef came from his mouth

but his sister rejected him, saying,

“I told you to cook fish for dinner!”

Micah, I guess, was not a winner.


Then Micah became content again

to wait patiently for his cat supper.

Only the best for this interesting cat

and his darling, princess-like sister!


“De Bows and De Bobbitt”

As the readers who have been with me for awhile can remember, my dad was a good storyteller.  Humor and a twinkle in his aquamarine eyes were a fact of life for him.  As I have also stated previously, I am my dad’s girl – his sense of humor, his face, long legs and body type, his vivid imagination, personality type…

And why, you may ask, is Debb telling us all this?

Because the 24th of August is when my sister died in 1994.  So I’ve been thinking about her a lot, which then leads me to think of my dad.   He often told Sandra and I a story (in complete German accent, of course!) that gave a listing of people…and “De Bows and De Bobbitt” were always on that list, no matter how many times he told the story or how he changed the story from one telling to another.  🙂

Once I moved out of state, and before personal computers came out, Sandra and I addressed our letters to “Bows” or “Bobbitt” when writing each other.   I was Bobbitt, she was Bows.  Now I wish I could remember the story!  We thought perhaps Bobbitt was Aunt Barbara, who was around long before our time.  Who knows what Bows was a nickname for!

I recently changed this blog’s by-line to:  “for the inner sunshine we all need”.   Thinking of this little story made me smile, so I wanted to share it with you.  Have you any creative nicknames that you gave yourself or someone else named you?

Debb, also known as Bobbitt.




I am a music lover who particularly enjoys songs that tell a story. (I’m not surprised, since I like stories so much.) The more you listen to a story song, the more details you pick up. Stories can bring on many different emotions and can teach you something, if you’re paying attention.

I think human beings are a form of storytelling. Sometimes there’s plenty of action or suspense or mystery going on in their lives, questions to be answered, character descriptions…

What story are you telling by the way you live your life? Do people see the real you, or are you an actor portraying yourself?

Let’s carry this one step further. If you were a story or a book, what type would you be? Adventure, comedy, poetry? Sunshine Factor wants to know. Please let me hear from you soon. Thanks!

00000——–> the zeros are a gift to you from my cat Rachael.

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Focus for Wednesdays


As a writer for both children and adults, I often give human traits to plants and animals. My imagination seems to soar, turning things I see in my everyday life into a story or poem.

Instead of writing of series of “humanizing” posts, I will reserve each Wednesday for my humanizing writing. I have two ideas so far, and having a focus for Wednesdays will prompt me to keep on finding more stories.

My first “humanizing” post will be Wednesday, August 21st. I hope you will join me.  🙂


Sunshine Factor News Item from FAPI

Those of you who have known for me awhile might remember that I like to challenge myself, and the area of writing is no exception.  Today I am challenging myself to write a newspaper article about this blog, Sunshine Factor.  (FAPI stands for Fake Associated Press International)  🙂


Three blogs have merged

Three blogs have merged



(from FAPI, January 25, 2013)

Stanton Sunshine Productions, owner of the blogs “Sunshine Factor”, “Poetry Weekly”, and “Debbie Loesel Stanton”, announced today that its three blogs shall be merged into one.  Debbie Loesel Stanton has determined that the change came about in keeping with  the best interests of its author and also its readers, sources say.

The blog will keep the name of the original blog, “Sunshine Factor”, and feature all the items you’ve come to know and love:  poetry, stories, commentaries, positivity, Poetry Castle Gift Shop and Prayer Corner.   The Poetry Weekly and Debbie Loesel Stanton blog mastheads will remain in WordPress so that searchers can find relevant articles, but there will be no new posts in these blogs, Debbie L. Stanton says.  The mastheads will direct its readers and future followers to Sunshine Factor.

The editor plans to continue Poetry Weekly’s weekly poem on Saturdays.  Currently we are studying different styles of poetry, and DLS practices each one in turn.

The Prayer Corner will continue to add updates and list prayers answered, and reminds the reader that prayer requests can be sent here anytime (anonymously), as some of our readers are inclined to use the list on the Prayer Corner page.

 Our goal is to provide a place to settle in for some good reads and start interesting  conversations if desired.  Our purpose is to “spread the sunshine” of God’s love and grace and find the positive in less desirable situations.

Sunshine Factor caters to no specific audience, but it is noted that Debbie Loesel Stanton is a cancer survivor, Christian, and understands eating disorders, and can be of particular help to these factions.

The principals at Stanton Sunshine Productions await your impressions, questions, suggestions, or contributions.

You can assist Stanton Sunshine Productions in providing continuity to its readers.  Please direct your friends, family and colleagues to visit at

Sunshine Factor blog

Sunshine Factor blog