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Happy, Happy May!

English: Spring flowers in England

English: Spring flowers in England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s looking at you, kid,

as the Spring takes over

the sun gives you energy

and the birds serenade you with song


I’d like you to see and feel

a lot of delight to enhance your days

and show nature’s way

and may your love story stay with you always

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Such a Fine Day!

My bad cold is still hanging on, but I’m feeling better.  The snow is finally melting around here, and the sun is out.  Today I went to two appointments.  For those times, I saw one lady in the parking lot that complimented me on my hot pink purse – that made my day!   And I got to actually pet a service dog – poor thing is deaf, but he sure was cute!   He is a long-haired (white) Chihuhua.

I then took myself out to lunch with help from my honey, and when I got home I took a nice long walk with my friend Pat.  It sure is fun to catch up on news when you can be out walking in the sunshine!

Wishing you all a good day, and keep that smile on your face!



New Series – Anti-perfectionism – To Start April 1st

New Series – Anti-perfectionism – To Start April 1st

by Trudy Ellis, roving reporter for FAPI

APRIL 1, 2013  (FAPI)

Mark your calendars and keep your eyes peeled – this is the date that word on the fake street has labeled as the start of a new series on a humble little blog called Sunshine Factor (on WordPress).  When I interviewed Debbie Loesel Stanton, author of Sunshine Factor blog, she had a delightful little story to tell me about how the idea for this series came to her.

“I usually get my ideas and inspiration for my posts either in the shower, on the road, or at work,” the author said as her eyes sparkled, “but on Easter morning in the pre-dawn the idea for this series came to me.  Still in my bed, I dismissed it as a weird dream and felt sure when I woke up the idea would make no sense to me.  Strangely, though, even when up and around the idea appealed to me.  It’s as if my Muse came to me and gave me an assignment.”

A reporter that has seen and heard a lot of strange things, I had to get to the heart of the matter.  “So is this really what you’re going to do?”  I asked Ms. Stanton.

“Yes, I am committed to the idea.  Who am I to say that my Muse is wrong?  I have a feeling that what I will learn is meant for me, but I am glad to share it.  Anyone who wants to come on this journey with me is welcome.   If learning how to get rid of perfectionism is not your bag, then you can look forward to my regular writing on Saturdays.”

“What’s special about Saturdays?” I had to know.

“Saturday is “Poetry Saturday” here on Sunshine Factor.   I write an original poem each Saturday, and sometimes I practice with a specific poetry style,” she answered, beaming.

This author is one bright lady!  It was as if I had walked into a wall of sunshine, so bright was her countenance!

Debbie Loesel Stanton will write one anti-perfectionism short for each day in April.   Considering the subject matter, is she being perfectionistic about her April writing goals?  No, she assures me, she writes a post a day regardless, so for her it will be continuing a practice she already has in place.  You can find her blog at  Join us, won’t you?

Trudy Ellis


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Poetry Saturday

English: Spring Flowers

English: Spring Flowers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Almost Easter

and the slight slopes and hills of my neighborhood

are covered half in white, half in green

The ice is finally melting

and by my office window

pitter pats of departing ice

herald spring.


Cardinals and crows call out

the former’s voice is grand

The robin has not arrived yet

Maybe this year she is as fickle

as the weather.


Spring, you are taking so long

and have prolonged our agony

we will be so glad when you

melt all our snow

even if you are way past your official starting date.


Welcome, rebirth and renewal!

Welcome to the revisitation of

sunshine – the kind that brings warmth.

You make us smile.



My New Business is Fully Operating!


Please visit my online shopping mall at This is my new business that I was telling you about. I am SOOOO excited!

To let you know more about my mall, I have started another WordPress blog, complete with a FAQ section, About, and History section. I consider that to be the “spokesperson” of my mall; it will give updates and hopefully even reviews of different stores or products.

I’d be delighted if you’d visit my blog at, be a follower, and most of all, visit my mall. I won’t be hounding you to buy from me, but I would like you to experience a wonderful, stress-free time of shopping. (This business started from my determining that I was going to start shopping online to avoid the hassles of an in-person store.)

For you philanthropists out there, you will be glad to know that I am donating a percentage of all my earnings to various charities.

(my alter-ego name to match the name of my mall and my blog)


Charcoal Dawn

Study for the Painting ‘Dawn at Sea. Homewards...

Study for the Painting ‘Dawn at Sea. Homewards’ by William McTaggart, c.1891, watercolour and bodycolour over charcoal on paper. National Gallery of Scotland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Driving to work

right before dawn

I saw puffs of charcoal clouds

in the sky


like on a painter’s canvas

waiting for the artist to return to his work


Light gray now

and the sky turned lighter than that

The sunshine decided to sleep awhile

and not show herself yet

I never thought that gray clouds could be pretty

but I surprised myself once again


Can there be beauty in nonvibrant colors

with even them having a story to tell?

Yes indeed

There is beauty everywhere

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Snow, rain and sleet

Could this actually be a treat?

Hopes and dreams like the snow cover  crumbles

as the lone person on the street mumbles.

When can this winter end?

Oh, but let’s not pretend

That weather has to influence our mood.

We can have sunshine on the inside, dude

and shine no matter what the outside says.

We have life and we have it good

Even if there’s yuck in the ‘hood.

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How to take full advantage of Sunshine Factor

Whoah, now that’s different! Encouraging someone to take advantage of another? Well, in this case, it’s about using this blog to your best advantage.

Those of you who read Sunshine Factor in Reader on WordPress, or read me on your email notifications, don’t get to see that there are several tabs for this blog.

I have recently added a new page (tab) to Sunshine that you can click on to read about to follow my recovery walk (recovery as in recovering from (getting over) unhealthy lifestyle habits or old tapes that play in my head, and also recovery from cancer and leading a healthier life).

Poetry Castle Gift Shop is a place where you can order a story or poem to be written for a special person or occasion in your life, the author being myself.

All of the tabs are for different purposes, and when you feel like reading something specific, or follow what I am doing in my recovery, they’re there at your disposal.

How to see all the tabs?

Sunshine Factor’s web address is  Put Sunshine Factor on your desktop as a shortcut, that way you can just click on that and there I am.  (On a PC, once you’re on the site, right click and create shortcut.  Are there any Mac users that could tell us how to put a shortcut on your desktop?)

From reading Sunshine Factor, you might have guessed that I like to use metaphors – words that say something is like something else – so here’s another way I can describe my blog:  Sunshine Factor is like a home in a neighborhood, and in this home I talk (post) every day about something of interest.   The other tabs on Sunshine are like my favorite neighbors in the neighborhood that I like to visit and chat with.

When I post something in one of the tabs, I will not notify you.    I will continue to post on the home page daily, and the tabs are for you to open at will.

Please help me get the word out about the improved Sunshine Factor – and if you’re another blogger, could you be so kind as to reblog this and tell your friends who might benefit from this site?  Thanks ever so much!cropped-795040-r1-026-11a_011.jpg

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I Don’t Always Understand

Please do not state the obvious, thanks :)

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People tell me I’m a good listener, a kind and thoughtful person.  So if a friend I used to see every day breaks all communication with me, I admit, it will be difficult.

My listening and compassion skills aren’t needed by everyone, and I am not wanted as a friend by everyone.  That’s what happens in life sometimes, and it’s okay.

Life is to be lived in joy for the good things that are.  The unpleasant things can be put in a metaphoric suitcase and left on the road already traveled.  No longer is there any room to hold onto old, rotten, smelly baggage.  No more room and also, no more strength.

I love the road I’m on, I believe myself to be a good person, am loved by the Lord, and I can still see and feel the sunshine.  I don’t always understand others, and it’s probably the same vice-versa.  But the lack of understanding will bother me no more.

I’m following the sunshine.

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Bedtime Story – cont’d.

Description: Musical box. Photographer: Javier...

Description: Musical box. Photographer: Javier Mediavilla Ezquibela Date: September 14, 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Raggedy Ann was in charge of the meeting.  She explained to the cats how even though the music boxes couldn’t talk, they were concerned about Debbie too.   She said that if they all did a little bit extra for Debbie, maybe she would feel better.


A Bedtime Story

A Bedtime Story (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Tiger, would it be possible for you to not sit up like a dog and beg at the supper table?  Debbie probably doesn’t like you to bother her that way.””Okay, I’ll try not to beg so much.  But then Micah has to promise to turn down his purr box so Debbie doesn’t get her sleep interrupted all the time,” Tiger said.

Micah was just about to meow to the arrangement, when all of a sudden, something flew at the screen door.  Whatever it was, then bounced back onto the front porch!

Who or what was there?  It was the Energizer Bunny!

Energizer Bunny

Energizer Bunny (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Micah,” Raggedy Ann commanded, “stretch out the toes in your left foot.  Jump at the screen door’s lock so we can open the door.”  Raggedy Ann constantly wore a painted-on smile on her face, but she could be bossy if she had to be.

Micah was glad to help, because he was known to be quite an acrobat.  So with the door now unlocked, he leaped up to the door handle and pushed against it.  Energizer Bunny hopped into the living room with one big leap.

“I hear you’re having a problem with your owner?”  he asked.

“We’re worried about Debbie – but she’s not our owner.  She is actually our pet,” answered Tiger.

“Well, word gets around.  I already know she’s slowed down, she isn’t as cheerful and sunny as usual, and she’s not singing lately,”  Energizer Bunny said.

“You know, Debbie is just like me, active and full of life and has energy.  Since she represents me, it’s very important to get her back to how she was!”

So Energizer Bunny was told about what the gang decided to do to help Debbie.  They agreed to talk again soon.  Energizer Bunny then hopped up to the screen door and let himself out.

The conference the household members had just had wore them out.  They tried to stay awake but could not.

Then Debbie came home to find everyone in the same seating arrangement they had had at the meeting.

“What happened here?” she shrieked when she saw everything and everyone out of place.

Next up:   The music and sunshine come back home.


Isn’t She Beautiful?

This little girl stands for what I write about

Hello –

I’d like to introduce you to a little friend of mine.  She is pictured on this post today because I believe she shows what one of the purposes of this blog is – sunshine, positivity, and encouragement.

I also thought I’d mention what I see in her picture at the top.

The sunshine lightly caresses her arm and hand and alights on her head.

The missing-teeth smile promotes a sense of well-being and a “yes, I can do this” attitude.

This little girl’s charm shows she’s up for anything with her cheerfulness.

This is encouragement at its finest on a sweet child’s face.

May we all have a bit of her joy and encouragement today!