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Deck Memories




I miss my cat Tiger.

Now that the deck is redone and covered with flower pots, I notice his absence even more. He always followed me around with my watering can and also drank rain water from the gutter. Now he would have appreciated the increase in flower pots from other years, and he would have been disappointed that a leaf guard has been put over the gutter, so drinking from there would have been more difficult now.

Tiger enjoyed the deck three seasons out of four. He didn’t even mind the cold, since he had a double layer of hair. Micah and Rachael are absolutely not interested in going outside, so it’s a little lonely going out there now. But I had breakfast out there this morning, and tomorrow I want to take time to deadhead the spent flowers and also read for an hour and enjoy nature. Think I will read for an hour? 🙂

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NaPoWriMo #22




Tiger, my dear cat,

where have you gone?

I know that the traveling vet took you away in February,

but I miss you still.

I keep thinking you are coming back.

If I could only see you once more,

I wouldn’t get annoyed at your tapping on my leg

for food handouts.

I wouldn’t care that your back claws dug into my legs

when I was on the computer.

I miss your soft meows answering my questions,

when your mouth moved to speak but nothing came out.

Are you having fun in heaven, catching micies and fishies?

Are you patrolling the grounds up there

like you were a sentry for us in our house?

Our new kitty Rachael is now the watch cat

but please remember, you were the best.

We had a sad day on April 18th, which would have been your 16th birthday.

You are still in our family

and very much loved —

and terribly much missed.

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What About Micah?

As you may recall, Micah is my oldest cat.  On February 6th his friend Tiger died.  About three weeks later we acquired Rachael, a very petite adult younger cat.  The two get along famously, but I can tell that Micah still is not the same as before.


Today he woke me up in the tradition of Tiger, meowing right in my ear instead of snuggling with me like he always used to do.  And, to take Tiger’s place with me in my office (or as closely as possible), Micah now sits on my desk, right above my pullout tray for my keyboard.  Our computer has a cordless mouse now, and when I am writing, Micah nuzzles my hand for some scratching that he loves.  In the process, however, the mouse gets bumped out of my hand, or some categories of the post I am writing get checked, when I know that the categories are not right.  Well, you can guess who my ghostwriter is – Micah Bean.  (I add the name Bean to his name and say it lovingly.)

Oh yeah.  Micah wants you to know that he does NOT like lamb and rice canned cat food like his sister does.  Oh well, there’s a critic in every crowd.  🙂


Micah's Look-A-Likes

Micah’s Look-A-Likes