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Sugar Blues

Français : Echantillons de différents sucres, ...

Français : Echantillons de différents sucres, de gauche à droite et de haut en bas : sucre blanc, sucre complet, rapadura, cassonade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I must admit
here again I sit
writing on a whim
early morning with my eyes still dim

Usually I write posts a week at a time
and oh, the good feeling I get is sublime
Last weekend I was very busy
enough to make a girl dizzy

Sugar is a thing of my past
it wasn’t helping me
I want my good health to last
Sugar, get out of my system, is my plea

So now without sugar I’m sort of in a daze
let’s see if I can make it through this haze
I need to come awake
and write something good for your sake

Thank you for still reading my blog
even if, like today, I am in a fog


Happy Monday

Good morning, it’s a new day

and with it, let’s find a way

to rejoice in a new week.

We wake up on Mondays happy but tired

Oh, it’s too early to be wired

so maybe it’s okay to just coast for a little while.

We have worlds to conquer and work to do

Reasons to relax are far too few

but this is life, we can make the best of it.

A new week begins

A new week begins