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Another Beautiful Day!

Ivan Aivazovsky's painting Walking on Water (1888)

Ivan Aivazovsky’s painting Walking on Water (1888) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I say that, not because it’s early morning on a sunny day.  No, it’s cloudy, but I started the day out with a walk.  No two walks are ever the same with me.  Today’s walk provided some animal company.  🙂

Since it’s my day off, I decided to try another walking route nearby, to see how many minutes it takes to do that one.  Coming home, on the wooden path over the marsh, I saw the black cat.

The black cat who, last year, on one of the trails, let me pet him but then would hiss.  Pet again, hiss.  Pet, hiss.

This year he didn’t hiss at me.  He rolled around on his belly and rubbed against me.  I noticed that he (black) had a mustache area of gray and a few gray hairs sprinkled on his back.  Maybe he is mellowing.  🙂

This cat and I would walk together, he’d stay back and I’d encourage him to walk with me again.  We did that about four times.  It was a sweet moment for me, and upon my return, Micah got to “meet” this other cat from smelling my hand.  Come to think of it, I’ve seen this black cat run up my front porch steps.  He probably knows it’s a cat-friendly place.

By the way, when I got home, I forgot to see how long I had been walking.  Something to do on Saturday.  🙂

You may wonder what the painting on this post has to do with anything I’ve talked about today.  It doesn’t.  I just saw it on Zemanta and loved it so much, I posted it.  You know how I love watercolors and shades of yellow and water itself.   This picture captures all three VERY well.



English: The original Piggly Wiggly Store, Mem...

English: The original Piggly Wiggly Store, Memphis, Tennessee. The first self service grocery store, opened 1916. Français : Le premier supermarché Piggly Wiggly ouvert en 1916 à Memphis, Tennessee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My immune system is very low, probably because of late-onset cancer survivor side effects.  That’s what would explain my many bouts with illness this past winter; usually years go by without my getting even a cold.

I figure there are ways I can enhance my immune system, which coincides with the change to my eating patterns that I have already been working on.    I will list the various aspects of what my life is like now – not that it’s earth-shattering news, but it will serve as a reminder to me.  Somehow, if it’s out there for you all to see, it makes it more real.

  • The juice of one lemon in hot water, drunk when I get up in the morning, before eating or drinking anything else.  It is said to help with digestion and rebalancing your insides, and I’m sure the Vitamin C won’t hurt either.  If it’s a typical lemon from the grocery store, I get the juice from only  half of it and save the rest for the next morning.  However, lately in the story I have found Tropicana sells bags of small lemons, so I have one of those per day.
  • Speaking of lemon juice, I am willfully surrendering lemonade, one of my favorite drinks.  Forget the added sugar — I will be satisfied with water.
  • My dietician is delighted that I am digging (loving) vegetables and fruits – the more variety and colors on one plate, the better.  They are helping me to feel better and not so tired.  Long Live Vitamins!  🙂
  • Speaking of vitamins, I want to get into a regular routine again for taking them.   It’s amazing how little time this takes, but I sometimes don’t take vitamins or other supplements simply because I want to get going and out of the house for work.
  • My daily walk of 30 minutes.  I want to do this in the morning before my shower, then any dancing around the house or walking at work I do will be a bonus.
  • For sure, taking a little time each day for spiritual reflection will be a good practice.  (So would listening to soft music when I come home from work each day be helpful, but one thing at a time.  🙂 )

Do you know of any other healthy practices that would help me?


It Is Now Twilight of a Very Happy Day!

English: Screenshot of Jay North from a 1961 p...

English: Screenshot of Jay North from a 1961 promotional segment for the TV series Dennis the Menace Special segment filmed specifically for promotional use (not part of the series itself) Published without copyright notice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Twilight.  That word isn’t used much, but it sure sounds romantic.

I remember it mostly back in the days when we watched Dennis the Menace reruns on cable, and Miss Cathcart sang the song, “Just a Song at Twilight”.  Our first cat, Molly, perked up her ears immediately and ran out of the room when Miss Cathcart sang the “light” part of the word.   🙂

Here it’s twilight now, with the clouds present (like they are all the time lately!) and the sky turning darker.

As I told you in another post today, I had a marvelous time with my friend Pat.  We walked a mall twice and had a good lunch somewhere.  What a good friend she is to me!

Then, later in the day, I had a first-rate consultation with my co-author Eric about our blog that is due to begin soon.    We are both looking forward to having this new adventure in our writing lives.  What a good friend I am blessed with!

Lastly, I drove to a restaurant to pick up dinner for Dave and me.  On the way back, the busy, 4 lane street that is very busy usually, was light enough in traffic that I was able to make a left-hand turn out of the restaurant – easily!  Oh my.

A big deal?  I think so.  I’m finding that the little things in life sure make up a majority of our lives.

I think I will remember the “quote” that I came up with just now.

Talk to you on Sunday, if not sooner!

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I Love Thursdays!

Kindle 3 moved all major operates to the botto...

Kindle 3 moved all major operates to the bottom. No comments on this point. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thursday is the day in the week that I have off from work (in addition to weekends).  I love to sleep in if I am able.  (I get up so early during the week, that 7:30 is sleeping in for me!)  Then I can take a long walk outside where I never get bored, since it seems there is always something new to see.  (When I walk from 4:30-5 a.m., although my neighborhood is safe, dark is dark and you can’t see a whole lot other than the blanket of stars and sometimes the moon in the sky.)

I can go to lunch with a friend or dine out alone with a handy book or Kindle to keep me company.  I usually manage to get my groceries, gas, and cash for the week, when everything is less crowded and lines are not long.

I  squeeze in some writing time, which is like an appealing reward coming my way.  I lose all track of time (and sometimes appetite) when I write, and it’s a wonderful way to while away some hours.

I  meet with friends on that day, too, so the smile on my face is in place the whole day.

I  love my day job and appreciate having it, but once in awhile it would be fun to not have to go to work – and spend my time like I do on Thursdays.

What is your favorite day of the week, and why?

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Prose Poem: Full Circuit

Prose poem:  Full Circuit

On Saturday morning, I woke early on my day off and wanted to take a walk to enjoy the beautiful weather.

I then got sidetracked by the computer and finally ate breakfast – because my body needed it.

I set off for my walk at 9 a.m. – still fairly early for most people.  However, I had wanted to leave earlier so I could enjoy nature by myself.   Some of my best writing happens on these walks, from my heart into my brain, and my writing takes off – if only in my head at first.

What lushness awaited me!  Fifty one degrees, and I only needed a long-sleeved shirt.  The sun played on everything – suburban streets, interesting architecture (I’ve always been fond of studying it), trees of many varieties among the rolling hills and streets and the city path in the woods that somehow connects everything.  I got to see a few of the trees turning color and apple trees supplying humans and birds with delicious vitamins.

English: Apple cultivation in Nepal

English: Apple cultivation in Nepal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Normally I take only 30 minute walks – big mistake!  What I’ve been missing since I haven’t been on my 1-2 hour jaunts on the weekends for a couple of years now!

I’m glad to be alive and see/hear/smell my surroundings.  And I took a walk – because I needed it.  Wow, such enjoyment to be had while doing something good for your body!

I will also be starting yoga soon – because I need it.  My body needs to come back to alignment and stretched often.   Ahh, I feel peaceful just thinking about it!

The nearby tennis courts beckon me to pay them regular visits in the spring, which I plan to follow up on.  Wish you guys were near enough to play with me!

The cartwheels that I always want to do when I’m happy:  they have to wait to be done by this body again, but they will be done!  Age matters not.

I feel like I did a full circuit today – not in the exercise sense, but in the way my spirit, soul and body all seemed to be fed today.  Today I’m drinking it all up – because I need it.   I even want to!

I like taking walks with friends or alone.  When alone, I can contemplate a lot and still be silent.   I thought back to one of my friend’s posts the other day, how I resonate with her concept of allowing others to be different from you and judging no one.

And as always, I wish you blessings, peace and love and all the joy your heart can hold.

Your friend,


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To the Creator of Me


God’s artwork

Hi God,

It’s just me again.

I want to thank you for this blog I write,

Because I “surrendered all” to write it for your purposes.

You have sent so many nice people my way

Who don’t mind reading what I say.

You created me for a purpose and call me by my preferred name.

You are perfect but still accepting,

Almighty and powerful but still gentle,

Hating sin but loving this sinner,

And thankfully – in your eyes I’m a winner.

You saved me from drowning twice,

Once as a child in deep water and once as an adult

as the sailboat I was on nearly capsized.

You’ve cared for me during and after all my surgeries,

so many that I consider myself a hollowed-out pumpkin 🙂

(and now my outer shell has been altered as well – grin).

Now all I ask is you give me the words to say

that will show my friends your love and help them along their way.

I want to reflect you, Lord, so please help me

to be your scribe,

and thank you for always walking with me.