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Blue Spruce. Tree.

Blue SpruceTree. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Blue Spruce. Branch.

Blue Spruce Branch. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday the cats woke me up about half hour after the time I would normally get up for work.  But 5:15 on a Saturday?!  I decided to get up immediately and go for my walk, and even though it was raining, it was wonderful.  I had plenty of energy the rest of the morning!  I did work on a big project inside till noon… by then the sun was out.  When I went to my home office to write, I noticed how just that day, all the buds on the branches popped and the grass was a light emerald green.

Today was the same scenario.   I guess it wasn’t meant to be a “sleep-in weekend” for me at all.   This morning there were streaks of slate blue and white in the sky.  Now, however, back at home writing, there is thunder, lightning and rain.  Thank you, Rachael, for waking me up when you did.  I got home safely before the storm!

Yesterday the flowering trees must have popped too, because I had a very fragrant walk today.   One of the crabapple trees is next to the sidewalk, and its branches form a canopy overhead for the walkers.  Sweet!  I did notice the bark on the tree, and then other trees as I walked by.  It brought me back to my childhood…

I had a lot of skinned knees and legs as a child.  Why?  Because I loved climbing trees.  🙂  My dad, who loved nature and was a farmer and forester, made me a cardboard sample of a lot of different trees’ bark, all labeled.   I recall from that cardboard (wish I had kept it!) that there weren’t many barks that were smooth.

I recall my best friend in childhood always had skinned knees too. But that was because she kept falling off her bike!

I sometimes wonder if all the mishaps with skinned knees we had were a prelude to us getting older and having broken hearts and hurt feelings and skinned egos…

Back to trees again…my family had a huge willow tree at the corner of the front yard.  A family of hornets lived in it, and they didn’t like my dad mowing the lawn right under their habitat!  So my dad cut it down and put a flowering tree in its place.

We had a lot of spruce trees on our corner lot.  Now the blue spruce that lined the driveway are like very tall sentries.  To this day, my favorite trees are the willow, birch, and blue spruce.

Thank you for reading.  I must say, my walks engender a lot of thinking.  🙂


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Prose poem: Does She Have It All?

English: Willow Tree - Glebe Gardens

English: Willow Tree – Glebe Gardens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went for a walk today and did a lot of thinking.

The temperature was perfect and the sunshine gentle and blissful.

The house with the Dutch-roofed house and big willow tree made me feel like I was home.


I began to realize that I have it all.

Certainly not how folks usually consider something as “having it all”.

I own my home and have a wonderful mate and job,

but I don’t have riches that I don’t know what to do with or

travel plans for the next 10 years.


I do have what money can’t buy:

Trust, hope, love, faith, joy.

I don’t have an agenda to change my mate

and I don’t manipulate to make things happen.


I am very blessed, and that makes me rich.

Yes sir, I do believe I have it all.

And most likely, so do you.  🙂


Dutch people

Dutch people (Photo credit: Nikola Nikolski)