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Happy June!

photo credit: terrydu via photopin ccMy favorite flower

photo credit: terrydu via photopin ccMy favorite flower

English: Russian Olive (Elaeagnus angustifolia)

English: Russian Olive (Elaeagnus angustifolia) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

June is one of my favorite months.  Here in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, the mosquitoes are not at their peak yet, so it’s easier to be outside.   The humidity is not so cumbersome yet.  In early June, the blossoms on the trees such as the crabapple and lilac bushes might still be around for a little while yet.

June seems to be the harbinger of new beginnings, such as graduation from school or college  –and weddings too.  For me, it’s always a time for me to take more walks outside and enjoy nature.

Trivia question:  do you know that in the beginning of the month of June, when you walk past a Russian olive tree, you can smell something spicy, like cinnamon?   My neighborhood had a lot of vacant lots where the deer and other critters lived, and the vacant lots were edged with my “cinnamon trees”.  Alas, now the new subdivision has moved in.  The deer and turkeys are still around; however, my walks don’t smell spicy anymore.  😦

I wish you a very happy month of June, and prayers go out for a safe and remarkable month for you.

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My Most Embarrassing Caper!

When I was a  church secretary and the elderly ladies’ group invited the Pastor and I to their meeting for lunch, (back then I was always trying to be perfect) you can be sure I had an incident to test my patience (or need to be perfect?).

I think it was a Valentine’s Day luncheon or something, because there was a punch bowl with red liquid in it.

As a dutiful secretary and lover of the elderly, I volunteered to fill up a plate for Grandma Mary and also bring her some punch.

There was a very narrow walkway between the tables upon tables that had been set up.  I don’t think a thin person would have had an easier time getting through.  So I walked sideways….carefully…slowly…and Grandma Mary was WAY at the far end of the walkway.  Balance, Debb, you can do this, I said to myself, over and over, until

ALL OF A SUDDEN  a little old lady backed her chair up with surprisingly lightning speed.   This surprised me more than the drivers who pull out into traffic without looking — because she backed right up into me.

So how could that be embarrassing, you ask?  Grandma Mary’s punched landed right into the lady’s pure white hair.  It looked like she had a skull cup on, one that was pink in color!  Grandma Mary’s plate of lunch also ended up all over the lady’s dress.  At the time I was in shock, but I have a feeling Grandma Mary’s lunch went into this lady’s  neighbor’s hair too…

And then I can also remember a foreign substance in my hair, too – this was not embarrassing, however, but downright icky!

In San Antonio and also in a Wisconsin lake, the seagulls there decided to oblige me with a little sticky, white gift.   Now in San Antonio, we were on a riverboat cruise so I could not wash it out right away, but in Wisconsin, I immediately washed that —- right outta my hair!  🙂    I guess I should just be glad these incidents didn’t happen when I had no hair.  🙂

Well, I hope this made you laugh.  It makes me smile, even now.