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Writer’s Burn

Line art representation of a Quill

Line art representation of a Quill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve talked about writer’s block on my blog, and it is a common discussion among writers…but what about writer’s burn?

I don’t know there if there is such a term for writers, but I define writer’s burn as a time when you are flowing (another writer’s term I was taught) and having all kinds of creativity, but your mind is starting to feel burned out.  Usually when I am creating I have a lot of mental energy, but when my physical energy doesn’t match the mental, then there is a short, a hiccup in my process.

People often say they are burned out, and I tend to think they’re referring to their physical energy.  Well, when I say writer’s burn, I’m referring to their mental creative capacity or its decrease of it.

I wonder what a person could do if afflicted by writer’s burn?  Slow down and stop writing so much?  That is hard for me to do, because I write compulsively.  There are too many ideas in my head not to do something with them all.

Let’s get a discussion going – did you ever have writer’s burn, and/or how do you define it?  Any suggestions on what I can do?